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Discover a collection of colouring books designed to inspire strength and healing. Each book in the “Courageous Creativity” series offers unique, sneaker-themed pages paired with uplifting affirmations focused on self-compassion and mindfulness. Perfect for anyone looking to replace mindless scrolling with a creative and soothing activity. Available now on Amazon in Canada, the USA, the UK, and more. Click the links below to find your copy in your local Amazon store and start your journey to creative wellness today. (You can also just search: colouring book Freda Lombard where you are)

About Colouring

Sometimes you can’t pull out all the paint and brushes, but want to engage in a creative activity to take your mind of things…

Have you considered colouring? Colouring is not just for kids.

We’ve learned this over the last few years, but what can colouring do for you?

Improve Focus – colouring requires you to focus, but it is not stressful. It opens up the frontal lobe where organizing and problem solving is controlled. It allows you to not think of anything else and be in the moment, focusing.

It Improves motor skills and vision – You use both sides of the brain; choosing a colour generates a creative thought process while logic helps you stay in the lines. It is goes beyond a fun activity for relaxation.

Improve Sleep – Replace your night time scrolling with colouring a few spaces. The exposure to the emitted light reduces your levels of sleep hormone, Colouring is a relaxing and electronic-free bedtime ritual that won’t reduce your sleep hormone, melatonin, levels.

Reduces Stress and anxiety – Colouring for only a few minutes has the ability to relax the amygdala, the fear centre of your brain. This generates mindfulness and quietness and your mind can rest after a long day.

I’ve always loved colouring. It was a Sunday afternoon activity when I grew up. My dad taught me how to use two colours, brown and blue to colour the rocks next to a river. I started using yellow and green for grass and so on. Since then I have loved playing with colouring pencils and my colouring pages were always very interesting with loads of colour and little surprises!

I didn’t colour for years after school, but in my late 30s I started working at the 9-1-1 centre in Vancouver. It was a stressful environment and someone suggested I bring arts and crafts to work to unwind in quiet times and during my breaks.

If you have not coloured for a while, consider taking it up again, you won’t regret it.