Getting your Paint Night to Gogh is as easy as Freda’s step by step online painting classes just fil out the form below.

Unwind, paint and have fun while following Freda’s easy fun step by step online instructions while enjoying good food and great company.

Pricing table for kits


Minimum of 4 kits $25 per kit, up to 19 kits


Order more than 20 kits up to 50 and pay only $21 per kit


Order more than 51 kits and pay only $18 per kit

Please note WE CAN NOT AND WILL NOT COPY other artists  work.   Please respect fellow artist. We pride ourselves in the fact that we create our own designs. We often draw our inspiration from requests, photos and even, at times from our own clients! We love what we do and we like to keep it simple.  Sometimes it is hard and some of our designs are similar to another artist’s work, but know that it was not intentional!


Summer favourites

More fun paintings to choose from!