Team Bonding Experience: Freda gently guides your team to appreciate the creative process. Encouraging them to focus on expression rather than perfection which helps participants be more lose and adventurous. These 2-3 hour sessions also creates a real sense of camaraderie! Want to learn more? fill out the form below!
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Collaborative Community painting: A collaborative creations under Freda’s gentle guidance brings awareness at our uniqueness of every individual & value as a communities. A celebration of civic participation and interaction.
Speaker: Celebrating creativity and the freedom to express. Art is such a safe place to be adventurous and discover so much about our deeper emotions. Where words are few we can use art mediums and creativity to express!
Custom Art Experience at your Conference/Seminars/Symposium/Product launch/Convention/Meeting/Workshops. A creative art experience that will have your participants engaged, collaborating and enjoy moments of creative play, encouraged and guided by Freda!
Group Therapeutic Arts Experience can be a great way to introduce mindfulness practices to teams under stress or as an additional experience at your retreat! Combining the creative process with mindfulness techniques can help individuals tap into their inner selves, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve overall well-being. By engaging in activities such as drawing, painting, or collage-making, team members can gain a greater sense of self-awareness, enhance their communication and problem-solving skills, and foster a greater sense of connection and collaboration within the team.
Paint Night to Gogh – Paint Night to Gogh is an immersive and enjoyable painting experience that brings the joy of artistry to individuals and teams alike. With our painting kits, participants receive everything they need to unleash their inner artist and create a stunning masterpiece. Each kit includes a canvas, paint brushes, a vibrant selection of paint colours, and step-by-step video instructions link. Whether enjoyed individually or as a group, Paint Night to Gogh provides access to a variety of engaging video tutorials, allowing participants to explore their creativity at their own pace. It’s the perfect opportunity to bond, express oneself, and discover the joy of painting in a fun and accessible way.

To secure your painting experience, kindly complete the form below. Freda, our experienced facilitator, will be on hand to provide all the necessary art supplies and guide you through the event. If you require comprehensive event planning services, please indicate your preference in the form. This includes coordinating various aspects of the event to ensure seamless execution, such as venue selection and catering arrangements.