Artist Statement

Artist Statement

In a dance of vibrant colours and multiple layers, I, Freda Lombard, invite viewers into a world where art becomes a healing sanctuary, a space where each stroke on the canvas echoes a journey of self-discovery and transformation. My artistic voyage began in 2009, a self-directed odyssey fueled by an intrinsic connection to the expressive power of art. Acrylic serves as my medium of choice, a vibrant testament to the rich tapestry of experiences that span continents, from the heart of South Africa to the serene landscapes of British Columbia.

My art is a celebration of resilience, a symphony of colours and nuances that tell a story beyond words. I believe in the transformative power of creativity, a philosophy that extends into my role as a Certified Therapeutic Arts Practitioner. Through my work, I strive to foster a deeper connection within individuals, aiding them in navigating the complex terrains of emotions and personal growth.

I am dedicated to nurturing a community where art serves as a bridge, uniting people in a collective journey of discovery and emotional well-being. Each piece I create is not just a visual experience, but an invitation to embark on a path of introspection, a call to rediscover the profound connection that exists between the self and the canvas, the heart and the colours. Through my art, I hope to inspire, uplift, and imprint a lasting mark on the souls who encounter it, offering a vibrant sanctuary of creativity and healing in a world yearning for colour and depth.

Photo: As the light streamed in through the studio window, there was a hushed and contemplative stillness that seemed to invite deep introspection and transport me to a magical sanctuary

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